A thank you to the Hon. David Ridgway

A thank you to the Hon. David Ridgway

‘I rise to speak briefly to this motion and about the wonderful contribution that the Hon. David Ridgway made to this chamber from 2002 until 30 June this year. I first met David at a rural and regional council meeting in Murray Bridge back when he still had hair on his headβ€”not much, I admit, but some. From memory he was on a parliamentary panel at the time, speaking about all things agriculture, food and fisheries, forests and tourism. I immediately got on well with David, and we would always have great conversations about the regions whenever we caught up at Liberal Party events.

David has always been a shining example of exemplary advocacy for the South Australian community in this chamber over a number of years. In his role as shadow minister and then as Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council and as minister he was always approachable, engaging and diligent. I am extremely grateful for the support the Hon. David Ridgway has given me on my entrance into this chamber last year. We will miss him; however, we welcome the Hon. Heidi Girolamo, who has taken his place, and I have no doubt that she will be a great advocate for South Australians in this place.

I wish David, Meredith and their family all the best in their new home in London, and I am confident that David will continue to deliver for all South Australians in his role as Agent-General.’


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