About Nicola

Nicola was elected to the Legislative Council of South Australia in 2020 to fill the casual vacancy left by Senator Andrew McLachlan CSC.

Nicola has worked tirelessly to balance her roles as a mother, veterinarian, small business owner, community volunteer and now as a member of the Legislative Council of South Australia.

I believe in the inalienable rights and freedoms of all people - the freedom of thought, worship, speech and association.

My beliefs

I believe in the decentralisation of power, with local decisions being made at the local level. I strongly support the role of small business as the engine room of job generation.

I also believe in allowing the individual to go about doing what they do best and rewarding them for their efforts in lower taxes and less red tape.

Rural and Regional

I am extremely passionate about regional and rural South Australia. As a mother, small business owner and active community member in the Riverland, I understand the pressures facing regional South Australia, its families and small businesses

Having grown up in the country, I recognise that regional and rural communities face unique problems concerning the delivery of health, education and other services. I also understand that our agricultural sector and the ongoing management of our precious water resources will always be the lifeblood of many of our regional communities across South Australia.


Nicola is mother to twins Anna and Lucia (5) and Angus (2). With her husband David, they want their children to grow up in a State that is vibrant and provides the opportunities for them to excel without having to move interstate.

Both Nicola and David believe that the family unit is the core foundation from which children learn to foster values, develop empathy and understand the importance of being part of a community.


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