Murray Pioneer – Containing these outbreaks is crucial

Murray Pioneer – Containing these outbreaks is crucial

6 January

Letter to editor | Murray Pioneer

OVER the Christmas and New Year period we have unfortunately had two Queensland fruit fly outbreaks in the Riverland region.

The first outbreak was identified in Renmark West and the second in Monash.

Both outbreaks were detected in residential backyard fruit trees.

The State Government has immediately commenced an eradication program to eliminate fruit flies from the outbreak area and nearby surrounds.

A 1.5km outbreak zone has been established around both detection points, meaning that fruit cannot be moved at all within this designated area. A further 15km suspension area has been established around each detection point, restricting fruit movement within this zone.

The outbreaks do not currently affect the fruit-fly-free status in South Australia or the Riverland pest-free-Area.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the community for responding to these outbreaks and to encourage everyone to be vigilant with their fruit trees during this time.

If you are in the quarantine area, please help us eradicate the pest by not moving fruit or vegetables off your property (or giving it away), and by cleaning your backyard of all ripe fruit or fruiting vegetables and those lying on the ground. PIRSA will provide green waste management in the quarantine area. Dispose of all ripe/rotten fruit or vegetables through this green waste program (including produce purchased from a shop).

Do not compost in your backyard. If you find maggots in your fruit or vegetables – please call the 24-hour Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010. Please consider not keeping backyard fruit trees unless you are actively managing them.

This outbreak also reminds us of the importance of taking a firm stance with zero tolerance for bringing fruit or vegetables into South Australia or into a pest-free area.

We must continue strict prevention and protection measures to defend our agricultural industry’s pest-free status.

Our region enjoys a fantastic advantage of the fruit-fly-free status that many regions do not. Riverland farmers are able to export without treating their produce for fruit fly, contributing to the strong reputation of our region.

Containing the current outbreaks and continuing a zero tolerance to fruit fly moving forward is crucial for our region.

We must maintain the strong advantage that our fruit-growing region enjoys, and that involves locals and visitors being vigilant.

For more information, please visit the PIRSA website.


Liberal Legislative Council Member



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