Nicola joins anti-mandate chorus

Nicola joins anti-mandate chorus

‘RIVERLANDER Nicola Centofanti is the latest SA politician to publicly condemn Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

As South Australia grapples with its first Omicron infections this week, the firstterm Liberal Legislative Council Member says she remains against vaccine mandates, pointing to the preservation of “our values as a community and a society”.

“I think we’ve got to be really, really careful that we don’t create the idea of a ‘second class of citizen’, depending on vaccination status,” Ms Centofanti said in a wideranging interview appearing in the River Life magazine, inserted free inside today’s Murray Pioneer.

“I think this kind of discrimination, based on a personal choice in relation to decisions about people’s medical treatment, is really unacceptable in a modern, free democracy that we live in, in Australia.”

Barker Liberal MP Tony Pasin doubled vaccinated, like Ms Centofanti recently said he had become “increasingly concerned by the actions of state governments effectively mandating vaccinations”.

Ms Centofanti , who also endorsed the Marshall Government taking increased control of Covid-19 restrictions at the expense of its public service advisors, such as Professor Nicola Spurrier, is up for re-election in March 2022 after filling a casual upper house vacancy in April 2020.

The 39-year-old said one of her major achievements in office to date had been working on passing the Bill that lifted the moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops in South Australia.

“Obviously it allows GM food crops to be cultivated in South Australia, except on Kangaroo Island, and that really allows our farmers to be on a level playing field with the rest of the nation,” she said.

Ms Centofanti (pictured) is expected to be returned to the Legislative Council at the March 19, 2022 State Election, after being placed third on the Liberals’ ticket. The party had four MLCs elected at the 2018 State Election.’

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